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Forging Manipulator For Sale in Russia

The earliest forging mechanization device is a manually driven forging manipulator, which is generally used in heavy-duty production lines. It is used to clamp the forging billet and cooperate with the hydraulic press or forging hammer to complete the actions of feeding, turning, and turning around, which helps to improve working conditions and improve production efficiency.

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According to needs, the forging manipulator can also be used for furnace loading and unloading. The structure of the forging manipulator is divided into two types: tracked and trackless, and its transmission modes include mechanical, hydraulic, and hybrid. In addition, there are forging manipulators specially used for some auxiliary processes, such as loading and unloading manipulators and tool manipulators. In order to cooperate with the work of the forging manipulator, a forging billet turntable is sometimes configured to facilitate the turning of the forging billet.

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