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Diameter-axial ring rolling machine (D53K) of Anyang Forging Press

Numerical control diameter-axial ring rolling machine, also known as reaming machine, is a numerical control equipment that integrates mechanics, electricity, hydraulics and instruments. It is a very effective method to process high-quality seamless rings with this equipment, and it has many excellent processes. characteristic

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CNC diameter-axial ring rolling machine is mainly used for rolling bearing rings, ring gears, flanges, wheel hubs, thin-walled barrels, wind power flanges, high-diameter flanges and other forgings, and can roll carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium Alloys, copper alloys, aluminum alloys, and high-temperature alloys are widely used in the fields of machinery industry, petrochemical industry, textile industry, construction machinery and aerospace industry. The device has the following features:
The equipment has operation functions such as adjustment, manual (semi-automatic), etc.
Adjustment: Non-rolling working state. Each part of the machine can act independently for machine maintenance, mold replacement, process debugging, etc.
Manual: Also known as semi-automatic, strictly speaking, it can be regarded as “automatic control under manual intervention”, one of the working states of machine rolling. The action of each mechanism, the protection of soft interlocking (electrical interlocking), the matching of the rotational speed of the rolls during radial-axial rolling, the real-time detection of dimensions, and the automatic retraction of all moving parts of the machine when the dimensions are reached are all automatically controlled by PLC program control. , the radial and axial rolling pressure or rolling speed must be controlled by manual intervention during the rolling process.

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