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Blacksmith Knifesmith Small Power Hammer For Sale Price In China

Blacksmith small power hammer air hammer is small in size, low in noise, simple in structure, convenient in operation, flexible in action, and convenient in handling, installation and maintenance. This model is suitable for all kinds of free forging.

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The air hammer is a free forging hammer, which uses the air medium to transfer working energy. The structure is compact, and the operation is flexible, and it can carry out a certain range of light and heavy continuous blows, single blow and hammer lifting (the hammer head is suspended above) and pressing hammer (the hammer head presses the forging) and idle operation, etc. It can carry out forging work such as extension, forging, punching, hot shearing, bending, torsion, forging and welding, and can also use special-shaped anvils for forming forging. The pad die can also be used for open die forging, which is suitable for small manufacturing and repair industries, as well as forging various agricultural machinery, mining products, etc.



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