Blacksmith Air Hammer

Anyang Forging Free Forging Equipment includes: Air Hammer, Free Forging Electro-hydraulic Hammer, Free Forging Hydraulic Press, Forging Manipulator, Ring Rolling Machine, etc. The free forging electro-hydraulic hammer can produce three types of structures such as single arm, arch type and bridge type.

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C41 series air hammer is suitable for all kinds of free forging, such as stretching, upsetting, punching, shearing, forging welding, torsion, bending, etc. Various open die forging can be carried out by using the tire membrane. Anyang Forging Press is a professional manufacturer of air hammers. The range of air hammers produced includes 9KG, 15KG, 25KG, 40KG, 55KG, 75KG, 110KG, 150KG, 250KG, 400KG, 560KG, 750KG, 1000KG, 2000KG. According to the size of the air hammer And uses are divided into large air hammer (mainly used for industrial forging) and small air hammer (mainly used for iron forging).


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