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bar shearing machine manufacturer equipment for sale in china

The billet cutting machine (bill shearing machine) is a cold shearing machine used for cutting steel bars in closed die forging production lines. With PLC control, automatic feeding, automatic cutting, automatic counting, automatic lubrication and overload protection.

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The bar shearing machine production line is widely used in metallurgy, forging, auto parts, seamless steel pipes, hardware tools, fasteners and other industries for cold shearing and blanking of metal bars.
Technical characteristics of bar shearing machine
It can realize quick blade change, automatic feeding, automatic feeding, automatic sizing, automatic cutting, automatic counting, automatic sorting of finished products and waste, automatic lubrication, oil circuit blockage, no oil, insufficient air pressure, and automatic alarming of motor overload. , automatic shutdown protection and other functions
Motorized retractable fixed-length mechanism, minimum cutting length: 30mm
Only one person is required to be on duty on the whole line, saving labor and reducing labor
The transmission is two-stage upper transmission, the transmission is stable and the noise is low



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