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Anyang Forging Hydraulic Open Die Forging Press (Y13)

Anyang Forging Press has been making hydraulic forging presses since 1956. Sizes have ranged from 1000 Ton to 8000 Ton and are found in many automotive and industrial forging companies around the world. In 2017, we made the decision to utilize our knowledge of presses and machining capability to make a series of presses aimed at the blacksmith, bladesmith, and the small industrial sector.

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Features of forging press:

  • Intellectualized PLC control system, with Human-Computer Interface touch screen.
  • Multilevel pressure discharging system increases the equipment’s stability.
  • Easily got high forging depth.
  • Can match with manipulator to build forging line.
  • Three cross beams and four columns, high rigidity structure.
  • Multistage overloading protection system.
  • Reliable electrical cooling system.
  • Can supply mobile and rotary worktable.
  • Long-distance control in the operating room decreases labor intensity and improves the working environment.
  • The convenient changing device of upper forging dies, increases the production efficiency.
  • for more information please contact Luca@anyanghammer.comWeChat/Mobile: +86-16692292860

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