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Small Power Hammer for knife Making

These four Power Forging Hammers before packing,
Including 3 models C41-40, and 1 C41-55. This batch of Power Forging Hammers is made for Blacksmith and Bladesmith in the United States.

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If you want to see a more detailed video of the C41-40 Power Forging Hammer, please click here.




Anyang Power Hammer C41-40 And C41-55 Parameters:


Model Unit C41-40 C41-55
Structure Two pieces One piece One piece
Weight of falling parts kg 40 40 55
Hitting energy kJ 0.53 0.53 0.7
Hitting frequency min-1 245 245 230
Height of working area mm 245 245 270
Depth of throat mm 235 235 270
Working Piece Square mm 52×52 52×52 60×60
Round mm Φ68 Φ68 Φ75


We can provide 9-2000kg Power Hammers. 

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