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Anyang Forging Hydraulic Riveting Machine

Hydraulic riveting machine is adopted full hydraulic drive and control, when output pressure, it can achieve cold riveting directly, improve the quality of hydraulic riveting machine. Comparing with traditional pneumatic riveting, hydraulic riveting machine has following advantages: the working condition is good, no noise, operation is agility, labor intensity is low, rivet speed is high, and the production efficiency is high.

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Usage of hydaulic riveter

  • Frame manufacturing for heavy-duty vehicles, buses, light-duty vehicles and farm vehicles etc
  • Rivet the side frame, core plate, draft lug, striker and side pillar edge beam of open car, railway vehicle, tank car for railway vechicles
  • Aassembly for bridge steel structure
  • Fastening for air blower blade
  • Riveting of tramcar

It can be used for punching, press-fitting, print and forming when assembling corresponding device

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