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Anyang Forging DXT series wedge iron machine

The key driver (wedge punch tool, wedge punch, bevel punch) produced by Anyang Forging Press Co., LTD. can be used with suitable forklift to drive wedges on forging hammers.The key driver is a pile machine driven by compressed air,the hitting head performs a quick hit with a corresponding strike energy.

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Anyang Key driver (wedge driver) is to be used for the driving in and out of mounting wedges to forge hammers in combination with a suitable and permissible forklift.

The key driver (wedge driver ) may only be used if it is in impeccable technical condition whilst adhering to all instructions in the operating instructions.

Starting and operation of the driver is only possible in two-handed operation. The Key/wedge driving machine be operated by only one operator.

Compressed air supply for Key/wedge driver:

Compressed air supply shall be guaranteed to be clean, dry, and own continuous pressure as possible.If air is moist, installing a deflector in front of injector to protect the wedge tools from rust.

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